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March 29, 2012

Pressure Drop gig review

There was an interesting review of Pressure Drop's comeback gig at the Caravan Club on March 24, 2012 written by Sydney music afficionado Sean Carmody.

Here are some excerpts from Sean's Review:

On Saturday night I found myself in Melbourne at the first live performance in 30 years of the reggae band Pressure Drop. The last time Pressure Drop played I probably couldn’t have told you what reggae was. Although I would certainly have heard Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue on the radio, I was a New Romantic at heart and was more inclined to listen to the likes of Adam and the Ants. At this point, in the interests of full disclosure, I should admit that Pressure Drop’s concert was the second of the weekend for me: I also saw Adam Ant at the Enmore Theatre the night before. Since my New Romantic period, I have learned to appreciate reggae and dub ... ... last year the band started rehearsing again and these rehearsals culminated in the release of a new CD, aLIVE 2011. I was keen to hear the results and I suspect I was one of the first to order a copy.

Pressure Drop

... Pressure Drop had always been a Melbourne band, so it was only natural that their return performance should be in Melbourne. I had been planning a trip to Melbourne for some time and fortuitously it coincided with the night of the concert. So it was that I found myself out at Oakleigh RSL on Saturday night. Before Pressure Drop and after I beat my brother at a game of pool, there was a two piece support act: Ross Hannaford (of Daddy Cool fame) and Bart Willoughby, the drummer from No Fixed Address. I would hate to imagine how many years Ross has being playing guitar, but he is certainly able to coax beautiful sounds from those strings, apparently with no effort at all.

Once Pressure Drop came to the stage, it wasn’t long before dancing began. Bill had plenty of reverb on his guitar, but not so much as to hide the fact that he can play as well as he can blog ... The band had a house full of enthusiastic supporters and they did not disappoint. The concert was great fun for all of us on the dance floor and it looked as though the band enjoyed themselves just as much ...

You can access the Full Review from Sean's Site.

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