Kelvin Speldewinde (vocals, rhythm guitar)

Kelvin Speldewinde is a song writer, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist with Pressure Drop.

He was a founding member of Man Friday and has played Friday’s child and Love more.

His musical influences are varied and many, but includes the great masters/composers both gone and still "alive and skanking".

He plays a Fender Stratocaster.

Bill Mitchell (lead guitar)

Bill is a founding member of Pressure Drop which was started in Melbourne in 1978. It emerged when Bill left the Geelong-based reggae band - The Flying Saucers and joined forces with some other players in Melbourne.

He writes a lot of the material for Pressure Drop.

He plays a Fender Stratocaster with a 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. He gets the dub effects with a Roland Space Echo.

He also plays with the Newcastle-based swing-blues band - The Blues Box.

Peter Leerson (vocals, bass)

Peter was Pressure Drop's second bass player and worked with the band until it finished playing in 1982.

Following Pressure Drop he joined original Melbourne pop band AEIOU who toured extensively in the early 1980s and performed on Nightmoves and JJJ live concerts.

Much later he played with another original Melbourne band called The Window and most recently with a 60s cover band called Hippy Shake.

Vanessa Speldewinde (vocals, keyboards)

Vanessa Speldewinde joined Pressure Drop in its 21st century incarnation. She is a singer, sing writer and plays percussion and keyboards in the band.

She has played in various Melbourne-based groups such as Friday’s child and Love more, playing an array of music spanning Reggae, R & B, Latin, Jazz, and fusion rock.

Musical influences vary, but in particular "almost anything black with a nasty groove, chic, hardcore or totally smooth".

Denis Close (drums)

Denis plays drums, percussion and occasional cavaquinho, guitar and bass.

In the late 1970s, he took a sabbatical from his R&B band, Banana Fish, and spent six months in Brazil, researching the music and collection a vast array of percussion instruments and LPs. On his return he founded the band Pipoca, pioneers of Brazilian Choro music in Australia.

Subsequently, Denis performed and recorded with Doug DeVries, Moovin' and Groovin' Orchestra, Andy Baylor's Cajun Combo, Dancehall Racketeers and Nichaud Fitzgibbon amongst others.

Currently, apart from Pressure Drop, he is a member of Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum, Andy Baylor's Banksia Band, Rebecca Barnard and the Romantics and Renaissance ensemble,La Compañia.

Danni Mizzi (keyboards)

Danni plays keyboards in the Band and occasionally fills in on drums for the band.

Krishan Mahesan (sound engineer and dub effects)

Krishan provides all the sound for the band.

He has developed high level skills in creating dub effects from the mixing board.

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