Official Single Release - Take Me Higher

This is the official video for the single release - Take Me Higher (release date for iTunes store April 1, 2016).

Live Stream - December 18, 2020

Pressure Drop live stream from Crosstown Studio in Melbourne.

I Wanna Feel your lips

The following video is from the first pre-final mix down to give you an early taste of the new CD that is in the works (release date to be announced).

Remembering Chile - September 11, 1973

Mother Earth - February 2012

Peace Dub - June 2011

This video was shot during the recording of the band's 2011 CD - aLIVE 2011.

Live at the Caravan Music Club, March 24, 2012

This video records Pressure Drop's comeback gig at the Caravan Club in Melbourne. It runs for 1 hour and 42 minutes and records the entire set.

Pressure Drop

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