Pressure Drop at Kindred Studios - June 2015

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Pressure Drop aLive 2011 CD

Pressure Drop aLIVE 2011, was the first CD recorded by the band when it reformed and resumed live gigs. It was recorded in a largely live setup in the studio and contains the tracks listed below.

You can purchase individual tracks ($A1 each) or the entire CD ($A10).

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Track details Sample each track before you purchase
1. Babylon is Burning (Bill Mitchell) 4:55
2. Chile (Bill Mitchell) 5:39 mins
3. Different Values (Kelvin Speldewinde) 4:45 mins
4. Peace Dub (Bill Mitchell) 6:13 mins
5. Silent River Runs Deep (H. Buckley) 4:40 mins
6. Only You (Bill Mitchell) - 4:29 mins
7. Mother Earth (Bill Mitchell) 4:20 mins

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